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Jerrie Woodford
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The first time my husband brought me to San Angelo to hunt, I told him, "I'm supposed to live here!"  I grew up in North Central Texas but San Angelo was 'home'.  It took a few years, but in 1994, we made the move to Tom Green County and still reside just outside of Christoval.

I love the outdoors!  Riding a horse, catching a fish, & hunting are among my favorites!  Goodness, I even love feeding cows - but really love to gather them horseback!  I live the ranch lifestyle but my roots didn't come from here.  My footprings began in accounting as Sr. Accountant for a boat manufacturing company for 16 years and then business ownership with my husband in the hunting industry.  All of which have proven invaluable preparation for an industry that is ever changing and ever challenging - Real Estate.

My first 9 years as a real estate Agent were focused in farm and ranch sales.  In 2015 I became a Broker and started my own business.  It's been a whirlwind!  I get to serve the very best clients in the world!

I've come to realize that my passion for real estate allows me to help people in ways never before possible.  I am also very passionate about personal development and make a continuous effort for self improvement and learning.  I believe that creates an environment for growth and benefits both the people I work for and those I work with.

JW Real Estate is my effort to offer a different type of brokerage and I chose to remain independent in order to be flexible.  The bottom line isn't about profit but about helping people with real estate - profits serve purpose - they don't compete with it.  Team building is a priority at JW Real Estate and we are committed to our clients and to each other. We are also a team of committed Christians and attribute much of our success to covering each other and our clients with prayer.  We continuously remind each other that God fills our hands as we serve. We are better together and our goal is to practice real estate on a new level offering the best, most comprehensive real estate service in the industry. 

Our focus is not to compete but to complete!

JW Real Estate - where Teamwork Matters!